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Master Data Science for the Industry

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  • Get Industry-Ready for Top Data Science & Data Engineering Jobs
  • Live Online Classroom Sessions
  • Exclusive Data Science Hackathons + Conferences

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Want to know about Ascend Pro ?

8+ Real-World Projects on Industry data sets
160+ Hours of instructor-driven live sessions
Get Placed in Top Companies
Certified by: KPMG in India & Analytics Vidhya

What makes Ascend Pro unique?

Industry Immersion

8+ real-world projects

Projects and workshop relevant to business problems

1:1 Mentorship by Analytics Vidhya & KPMG

Hands-on learning with HackConfs

12+ live sessions by Industry Experts

8 intensive hands-on workshops

4+ hackathons to apply your learnings

160+ hours of online live sessions

12+ industry webinars across domains (Telecom, BFSI, Healthcare, etc)

Live coding & hack sessions by Industry Experts

Reinforce your learnings on weekly-basis

100% Placement Assistance

Resume & Interview Preparation

Personalized mock interviews & feedback

Get exciting hiring opportunities with Top Companies including KPMG and KPMG Global services*

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We are thrilled to collaborate with Analytics Vidhya for AscendPro program, through which we will jointly offer learning modules that will aim at solving business problems with data & technology. In today’s world, data science technologies can give organisations the ability to fully capitalise on the use of the data they generate every day around them and this course is designed keeping in mind how data science can be leveraged for quantifiable business outcomes. With the combined skillsets of both business and technology, the AscendPro program provides a holistic approach to learning data science thus enabling the candidate for a confident entry into the world of analytics.

Sachin Arora
Partner and Head of Lighthouse (Analytics, AI & Data) KPMG in India
Sachin Arora

Listen to the Instructors and the Mentors of Ascend Pro

Kunal Video
Shraddha Video

Who is Ascend Pro meant for?

  • Anyone who wants to be a Master Data Scientist
  • Working Professionals who want to transition to a data science career
  • Students aspiring to be industry ready for data science and machine learning jobs

What will you Learn?

Comprehensive Curriculum vetted by Industry experts

Want to know about Ascend Pro ?

Live Session

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"Industry Sessions"


Consumer Markets and Telecom

Learn how various business use cases and implementation aspects of data science and machine learning across the Consumer markets and Telecom value chain.


Industrial Manufacturing (IM) and Automotive

Learn how advanced analytics is leveraged by this sector to develop models for decision making and take proactive actions for better business outcomes


Financial Services

Learn about how Fintech and AI solutions are transforming the conventional financial industry.

Life Science

Life science and Pharma

Learn how Pharma companies are measuring the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts with data and analytics

12 Full-day of HackConfs

Each Hackconf is of 3 full day and there are a total of 4 HackConf where you

  • Learn through industry sessions
  • Apply learnings through hackathons & workshops
  • Participate in hackathons & assessments

Live Sessions

3-days live interactive session by experts to build industry perspective

Full Day Hackathons

Work on real-world datasets with exciting hackathon problems

Hands-On Workshops

4- Intensive workshops to build your real world hands-on skills.


Evaluate your week long learnings through assessments.


12+ Modules starting from basics to the most advanced machine learning topics

Introduction to Data Science and understanding the stages of Data Science lifecycle

Overview Data Science and Application

Common terminologies of Data Science

Various roles within Data Science

Essential Stages of Data Science Life Cycle

Organizational challenges while building Data Science projects

Python Basics Programming (Conditional, Looping, Functions)

Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, regular expression, beautifulsoup

Basics of databases

ACID and BASE properties of a database

Working with SQL, Extract data from databases containing multiple tables

Performing Data Analysis using SQL

SQL vs NoSQL databases

Different types of NoSQL databases

Querying, Aggregation & Indexing in MongoDB

Replicate & Share data in MongoDB

Best practice to perform hypothesis generation

Hypothesis Building and Framework

How to Build Comprehensive Hypothesis set

Univariate, Bi-variate and Multivariate analysis

Work with different type of tests like t-test, z-test, chi-square test, anova

Work with Missing values, outliers, data pre-processing

Learn Important ML Basics Concepts (Train, Test, Validate, Bias , Variance, Overfitting, Underfitting)

Work with Evaluation metrics (Classification and Regression both)

Work with different validation techniques

Perform data cleaning and Preprocessing

Linear Models, Decision Tree, k-NN

Math Behind each Machine Learning Algorithm

Building Classification and Regression Models

Hyperparameter Tuning to improve model

Loading datasets and establishing table relationships

Work with different type of charts and dashboards

Working with Map visualizations and other advanced charts with drill down functionalities

Working with power query for data manipulation

Writing DAX expressions

Understand feature engineering for structured and unstructured data

Perform feature extraction, generation and transformation techniques

Explore the basic and advanced ensemble techniques (rank averaging, random forest and more)

Introduction to unsupervised learning and clustering

Working of clustering algorithms (k-means clustering)

Evaluation metrics for unsupervised learning problems

Public Vs Private Cloud

IaaS vs PaaS Vs SaaS

AWS Global Infrastructure

AWS Compute Services - EC2, AWS Lambda

AWS Storage Services - S3, DynamoDB, RedShift

AWS Security Policies

Monitoring & Analysis - AWS CloudWatch

Building Scalable Models

Introduction to Distributed Computing

Spark Architecture

RDDs & DataFrames

Understanding Spark Execution

Building Classification & Regression Models

Building ML Pipelines

    Overall in AscendPro
  • 4 HackConfs
  • 4 Hackathons
  • 8+ Projects
  • 14+ Tools
  • 160+ Hours of Live Sessions

Hear from our Students

Job Assistance

100% Placement Assistance

  • Sessions for Resume Building & Interview Preparation
  • Personalized Mock Interviews
  • Career Support with Job Portal Primary Access
  • Get exciting hiring opportunities with Top Companies including KPMG and KPMG Global services*

Tools covered in Ascend Pro

Python Pandas Numpy matp Seaborn Scikits tableau Excel powebi mongodb Spacy Spark aws SQL

What will you earn?

Get Industry Certified (by KPMG in India & Analytics Vidhya)
  • Earn-your-certificate Earn Your Certificate
  • Achivment Share Your Achievement

Roles "Ascend Pro" will make you job ready for

  • Data scientist
  • Data analyst
  • Big data engineer
  • AI developer
  • Marketing analyst
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data visualization / BI Developer
  • Business analytics consultant
  • Business analyst

Expert Instructors & Mentors


Kunal Jain

Founder and CEO, Analytics Vidhya

Arihant Garg

Arihant Garg

Partner Lighthouse (Analytics, AI and Data)KPMG in India


Sunil Ray

Chief Content Officer,Analytics Vidhya

Damini Gupta

Damini Gupta

Associate Director Lighthouse (Analytics, AI and Data) KPMG in India


Anand Mishra

Head Of Engineering,Analytics Vidhya


Nitya Mathew

Asset Strategy and AIML Product Design Lighthouse (Analytics, AI and Data) KPMG in India


Shraddha Roshan

Data Science and Analytics for Consumer Markets Lighthouse (Analytics, AI and Data) KPMG in India

Preksha Seth

Preksha Seth

Data Science and Analytics for Consumer Markets Lighthouse (Analytics, AI and Data) KPMG in India


Kaushik Roy Chowdhary

Sr. Data Scientist,Analytics Vidhya

Amal Anand

Amal Anand

Investment Banking and Big Data SME Lighthouse (Analytics, AI and Data) KPMG in India

Naveen Narayanan

Naveen Narayanan

Industrial Manufacturing and AI/ML SME Lighthouse (Analytics, AI and Data) KPMG in India

Anushri Kumar

Anushri Kumar

Cloud Data & Analytics for Financial Services Lighthouse (Analytics, AI and Data) KPMG in India


Dilip Srinivas

Big Data Analytics for Financial Services Lighthouse (Analytics, AI and Data) KPMG in India

Boopathy R

Boopathy R

Data Engineering SME Lighthouse (Analytics, AI and Data) KPMG in India

Subhajit Ghosh

Subhajit Ghosh

Data Science SME Lighthouse (Analytics, AI and Data) KPMG in India

Sandhya Mallya

Sandhya Mallya

Analytics and ML for Automotive Industry Lighthouse (Analytics, AI and Data) KPMG in India

Industry Experts

Sachin Pai

Sachin Pai

Director - Cloud Scale Analytics, Microsoft

Ujjyaini Mitra

Ujjyaini Mitra

Head of Data, Zee5

Roopam Upadhyay

Roopam Upadhyay

Data Scientist, World Bank

Sachin Arora

Sachin Arora

Partner and Head of Lighthouse (Analytics, AI & Data) KPMG in India

Fee Structure

Ascend Pro

Master Data Science for the Industry
AV KPMG image
  • Certified by KPMG in India & Analytics Vidhya
  • Industry Case Studies
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 12 full-days of HackConf
  • Explore the Art of the possible 8+ Hands-On intensive workshops
  • 8+ Real World Projects
  • Master 14+ tools
  • 4 - Hackathons
Pay in One Go

₹1,35,000 + (GST)

Start your Ascend Pro Learning With:
₹11,948 (0% Interest EMI)

Avail education loans at 0% interest rate* with our corporate financial partners


indian-rupee 1,35,000 + GST

Candidates can pay the program fee through Netbanking, Credit/Debit cards, Cheque or DD. Also, with our corporate financial partnerships avail education loans at 0% interest rate*.


Ascend Pro

Mastering Data Science for the Industry
  • Certified by KPMG in India & Analytics Vidhya
  • Industry Case Studies and Capstone Projects
  • 500+ Learning Hours
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 3 Full-Week HackConfs
  • 3 Hands-On intensive workshops
  • 15+ Real World Projects
  • Master 15+ tools

Frequently asked Questions

Top Questions

Will there be live classes or pre-recorded training sessions?
There will be pre-recorded sessions as well as live classroom sessions during the program.
We will assist you with your resume preparation, mock interviews, feedback by experts and connect you with recruiters in companies with data science job openings.
You can take pre-recorded sessions as per your convenience. For the HackConfs, you have to dedicate 3 weeks of your time (one week at the end of each trimester)
We encourage you to attend live HackConfs. Without attending HackConfs, you will not get the complete industry exposure which Ascend Pro promises.
here are no prerequisites for Ascend Pro. The course will start from basic concepts, so even if you are not familiar with Data Science, it is not a problem.
The fee for this program is non-refundable. We request you to assess the purchase thoroughly before making payment, as we will not process any refund requests.
Yes, we have financial assistance available for eligible students through our financial partners to take care of financing requirements, please check this in the payment options section under the fees section.
There is no financial aid available currently.
Corporate Sponsorships from your company for Ascend Pro are acceptable.
Yes, there will be 1 on 1 mentorship sessions, you will receive multiple one-on-one mentorship sessions, apart from this you will get slots to meet experts while the live HackConfs are going on
Yes, the HackConfs in the current situations are going to be conducted online.
No, Accommodation is not provided as part of the program. You will be intimated about the program timelines so that you can make your arrangements with proper planning.
You will be awarded a certificate of completion jointly awarded by Analytics Vidhya & KPMG in India.
In case government regulations and safety concerns prohibit us from holding live classroom-based sessions in Bengaluru, all the sessions will be delivered Online at the scheduled time of the hackconfs

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